sunflower Sunflower meal is the by-product of the oil extraction process. Oil is the majority value of sunflower seed and meal is considered a by-product. Sunflower meal is an excellent livestock feed, especially for ruminants.

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal is rich in niacin, riboflavin, choline, biotin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine. In addition to this sunflower meal is an excellent source of vitamin E.

The quality of sunflower meal depends on the plant characteristics (seed composition, hulls/kernel ratio, dehulling potential, growth and storage conditions) and on the process (dehulling, mechanical and/or solvent extraction).

According to the content of crude protein can distinguish two types of meal: high protein and low protein.

Sunflower meal especially include the feed for farm animals mainly for fattening cattle.